Children’s Hospitals Save Lives

Children’s hospitals are premier pediatric research centers making leading-edge biomedical discoveries.

Higher-Quality Care for More Kids

The Children’s Hospital Bond will allow children’s hospitals to expand.

This Bond Makes Fiscal Sense

Children’s hospitals have a track record of spending bond money wisely.

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Children’s Hospital Bond

Recent News

Legendary Baseball Announcer Vin Scully Urges Californians to Vote ‘Yes’ on Proposition 4

Yes 4 Children’s Hospitals Campaign Unveils New PSA

Sacramento, Calif. (August 20, 2018) – The Yes 4 Children’s Hospitals campaign has unveiled a new video PSA featuring one of the country’s most recognizable voices: legendary sports broadcaster Vin Scully, best known for calling Los Angeles Dodgers games for 67 seasons. In the video, Scully advocates for the passage o...

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Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorial Board: “We Recommend a ‘Yes’ Vote on Proposition 4”

The Santa Cruz Sentinel has published an editorial in favor of Proposition 4, The Children’s Hospital Bond. If passed this November, Proposition 4 will authorize a $1.5 billion bond to expand and upgrade California’s children’s hospitals.

"California’s network of regional children’s hospitals provide treatment to more than 1 million children annually who are facing life-thr...

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